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Hello again! I'm sorry, but I don't have Twitter or I would message you there. I saw that you updated the Rammstein Japan 2000 setlist at Fuji Rock. Do you happen to have any photos, setlists or recordings from that show as well? As always, anything is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for the uploads! The photos look fantastic! I greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


I see that you saw Rammstein in Japan in 2001. Do you have any memories from that show? Maybe some photos you would be willing to share?

Hi RocknmeJP,
As a special rule for Japanese venue registration on, each of 23 wards (i.e., Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, etc.) in Tokyo is regarded as a part of "the city of Tokyo". So, it should not be "Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan", but "Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan", though you might have recognized.
This tip will help you to find if the venue you are trying to select is already registered or not.

Thanks to your quick reply, I have finished to split 3 shows into 6.
I will split other dates of these artists tomorrow. Thank you.

Hi there,
Welcome to and thank you for adding many shows.
By the way, Blue Note Tokyo usually has two shows per day.
If you remember, could you tell me which one did you attend, 1st or 2nd of each day?
Later, I will split each of shows to 1st and 2nd, considering your attendance. : )