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Sorry amigo, i went alone to Police┬┤s Monterrey first concert and i didnt record it


RE: The Police in Freiburg 1981

Sorry we were pupils and noone dared to carry any equipment with them in order to
bootleg the show ;-) No recordings from me.

Re Police Concerts (or any others)
Sorry, I do not have any recordings of any of the concerts I've attended over the years. Never even occurred to me, even though I'm a fan of live albums! Good luck with your searching!

Sorry, I didn't record The Police in Belfast.

I have no recordings of that show, sorry. good luck!

Sorry, I didn't record it. Good luck with your search!

New Orleans 2007
Sorry, I wish I had. It was a really cool show, with the audience singing the entirety of Wrapped Around My Finger without Sting singing. Very spontaneous and very cool. I'm looking for this show too, as well as Las Vegas MGM 2007. At both shows but no known recording, that I'm aware of.

Sorry mate, I didn't record Sting in Trondheim

Yes, I actually do, even though the quality isn't the best, and the recordings are only about 30 seconds each

Hey ! I didn't record the Sting show I attended. Sorry I couldn't help you

Sorry, no M├Ânchengladbach recording...

Sorry, didn't record Pistoia. Good luck

Sorry, nothing recorded


Nope, no recordings of Sting, sorry.

Hello, responding to the request regarding the Police Pittsburgh show. Don't have any recordings. Sorry! Good luck.

I'm afraid I don't have any audio recordings. Good luck finding them though.

While I have recordings of many shows, The Police are not a band I follow or like very much. I saw them in New Orleans in January 1980, but that was the only time. I liked their first 2 albums okay, but hated everything after those. Good luck in your search.

HI, I've got no Police recordings, hope you find what you're looking for.

Sorry, I don't have anything from the PA shows.

Hey Fabien,

I'm afraid I don't possess any recordings of The Police shows in Mexico.

Kindest regards,

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