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For the record, the usual pattern for Drumsons is:

If the show opens with Larks' Tongues, there is only one Drumsons piece, it's usually Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row, and it opens the second set.

If the show does not open with Larks' Tongues, there are two Drumson pieces, and the first set usually opens with Hell Hounds of Crim, with the second set opening with Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row.

I know that the current KC setlists for this tour suggest otherwise, but that's because you went and randomly edited them to show the pattern of Hell Hounds being the usual second set opener.

Yes, this being KC, there are occasional exceptions where Hell Hounds opens the second set, but randomly changing all Drumsons that open the first set to 'Hell Hounds' is highly misleading. Yes, it would be nice if attendees could confirm which piece was actually played, but since you aren't an attendee, your guess is worse than doing nothing. The two pieces are completely different, and anyone with a recent KC live album can hear the difference. You're just giving people the wrong impression of what they are going to hear in the concerts and also what live albums they need to check out to hear those pieces.

You actually misleadingly edited a show that I had just been to the same night, to suggest that they opened the second set with Hell Hounds, when in fact they had opened with Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row. It appears that you aren't even in Japan, let alone an attendee of the concert in question, so why would you even do that?

Multiple people, including mods have requested that you stop messing with KC setlists, unless you can provide documentation. Please heed our wishes.

Many of your recent edits seem to be wrong and you continue to not provide sources for them. Please provide sources for concerts that you did not attend and the next time you sign on please inform me as to what your rationale for changing King Crimson shows that you did not attend was.

I have noticed that you have been tampering with the setlists of a number of concerts of the ongoing King Crimson Tour by renaming the 'Drumsons' improvisations at the beginning of each set, or removing them altogether. Please, don't – it is an actual mistake.

The changes you have made to the King Crimson setlist of 02 Nov 2018 do not correspond to what was printed on Tony Levin's printed setlist on stage, of which I have photographs. Can you please clarify why you believe your changes are correct? I note you are also not included as an attendee of this gig.

If a festival with the same name took place in the same city on the same day you should have clicked the name of the old festival so they get linked on the same page as being different editions of the same festival

You are in the USA - why are you messing with setlists in London that you weren't at !

Stay out of the RHCP setlists! You are fixing nothing, you are just making a mess!

Hey, why did you change the Chili Peppers setlist from the Madrid gig? Those covers/jam/teases was marked as @cover because that way is easier to find on statistics sessions, what do not happen when you put them as only info.

I reverted your edit to the Hip's Kingston set, unfortunately the @Info feature has a really small character limit, we could probably reword the prime minister part to fit more in.

The whole tour appears to use the @tape for the thunderstorm part, I'll make sure they are consistent.

What's your problem deleting the encore section on smashing pumpkins, and also deleting where I wrote "third time ever played." THEN, you put it back, just so you get credit? I see a lot of comments of you editing for no reason or messing stuff up. I'll be reporting you to an admin.

@Brucefan please stop misusing @Set on the Smashing Pumpkins setlists this is not the nature nor definition of this feature. If you change this again i will get a moderator to lock down this setlist to further changes.

Please don't alter setlists if you don't know you are 100% correct. You have not indicated you were at the Matt Good show. Even the official setlist posted by Matt's social media marks the songs as a combo/medley. Thanks!

Hi, what are you doing? The "Drones Festivals Tour" for Muse already ended on July 24 of this year:

Please change all dates after that back to what they were. Thanks!

Hi, I was wondering whether you recorded The Police live in Toronto, second night of November 2007 (09/11/2007) ? Really looking for this one without any success at the moment. Thx a lot in advance. Cheers from France. Fab

I understand your point and I will not argue for either side of this. But the site guidelines are written a certain way and the setlists conform with that. If the admins/mods choose to change this then the setlists should be changed, but not until then.

Please stop changing the Foo Fighters setlists when it has been clearly stated that they conform with the site guidelines. If moderators deem it should be changed they will let us know so.

Jelger, I saw the band on this tour, and the opening was barely S.T.A.Y., it was more of just a jam, so it makes more sense to tape it or to remove it altogehter

Hey, I was wondering: why edit the Incubus setlists and marking S.T.A.Y. as a taped track? It's clearly played live by the band as seen in several YouTube videos, so it shouldn't be marked as taped.

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