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adding "whatever song [I] remember!" (or can find proof of) since 2009.
I'm also a musician.
Specializing in Alice Cooper, Viza, and Kabát setlists.
Also a know-it-all with
Tenacious D, Nightwish and Alestorm setlists.


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I was there and take note of the songs.
Nevertheless the set list as it's shown is definitely INCORRECT.

was it always played as a medley in 77/78 then ?

Is Medley the correct definition ?

Medleys are incomplete songs played in a row without stopping.

It would be no medley if we talk about short snippets (maybe just a short baseline or just one sing-a-long-chorus) or fully played songs merging into the next one.

Do you have a source/proof for a batch edit I can do for all setlists ?

Please leave Medleys as Medleys !


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