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Ich sehe hier keinen Follow-Button oder so, aber wir sind beide noch hier. :-)

so far i can got all our concerts.
i will upload the setlist of Eric Fish & Friends next days ;)

Do you find anything missing from this year's WOA? I hope I've got everything. Also, can you add the full setlist of Eric Fish & Friends? You should have the setlist after all. ;)

unfortunately not :(
last saturday i want to hear "Akrea" but i kinked the gig
i have so much other things to do thats why i only have canned music :)

No concerts this season? ;-)

If something is missing, just tell me and I'll add it for you.
Even if the artist is missing I can add it over at MusicBrainz.

i think we have finish Wacken 2013
now i have to enter the other festivals :o

yeah Karma Zero got it :)

I just added Karma Zero to the database.
When did they perform at W:O:A 2013? Just before Mambo Kurt?

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