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Please use the exact venue or location for the concerts you attended https://www.setlist.fm/venue/hoboken-arts-and-music-festival-hoboken-nj-usa-3d4e99b.html following the guidelines at
In the meantime when you create a new venue there's a specific warning not to use the festival name as venue
Please don't use festival names like Lollapalooza Festival for venues, but rather use the name of the actual venue, e.g. Grant Park in Chicago for this specific example. Also check our festival naming convention for details.

Haha I'm also not sure how to thread stuff. None of the other members of the Wrens played the show, but it was not technically a "charles bissell" show as I clearly recall that they called it "Wrenses Alien" http://www.brooklynvegan.com/watch-charles-bissell-play-wrens-classics-backed-by-cymbals-eat-guitars-in-nyc/

As far as recording of the show, I do indeed have it- shoot me an email at naivepegasus@gmail.com and I can send them your way

Regarding your Wrens set comment- it's not a solo show from Charles, not as it was advertised. I have audio of the show from a friend who was there, and was at Charles' house listening to the new album the week before. Heads up on that

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