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Yes, I am currently putting together a compilation of all things Y100 related (mostly including the Sonic Sessions). I currently have ~30 sessions, and I am hoping to get around 10 more fairly soon. A lot of them are extremely hard to come by, and I have been only finding success by contacting individuals from old bootleg websites, who haven't traded in 15+ years. My next step was to contact as many YNOTradio members, although I wasn't sure I would get many helpful responses. I also ripped the Undone version from the Video Capture DVD, which captured Timothy "Speed" Levitch's beautiful poetry (lol).

Thanks for getting back to me, shame that the session isn't circulating still. The both weezer versions are very hard to come by, I don't have the 2001 Weezer Session yet. Would you be will to share it? thanks!

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