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Found this too. Too busy to listen to it right now, but this is probably a treasure trove.


As far as ready to go digital Y100 content, I have mp3s of Weezer's September 2001 Spectrum broadcast. It's missing a few songs (unclear if the whole show was broadcast) and In The Garage skips a bit. I heard it when it was originally aired but got it from weezernation.com circa 2005. This includes DJ commentary/interludes. Also have the 311 set from 10/10/01, which has no voiceovers (311heaven.com circa 2003). There were other retail CDs I've come across too, including the Barsky Show's Barskoholics Anonymous CD and Sonic Sessions Volume 5-8. Trying to think of what else is there. Hmm. There was a local band called Modern Bliss that included a Y100 bumper on the end of their self-titled CD in the early 2000's. It's a snippet of the lead track, Cover Me, with a Y100 DJ voiceover, plugging an appearance at what was probably the Tuesday Night Music Club at Grape Street Pub in Manyunk. I don't have that CD anymore, but there is an entry on amazon (no copies currently available). Such is trying to collect defunct local bands. Sometimes there are good local music finds at local thrift stores. It has an ice cube on fire on the cover. If you see that, look on the back for "Y100 Ad", track 5 I think. As a side note, they morphed from a Guns N Roses copy to a party pop band and ended up opening for Third Eye Blind at the 2012 grand opening of XFinity Live. Total shock that it was the same band.
Somewhere online there is an unofficial archive of Y100 era Preston and Steve show content. Not sure when I last checked it but I remember there being enough stuff on there to feel like I didn’t have time to really get into it.

RE: Weezer 2001 Sonic Session

I've been meaning to rip that tape for a while, but with my cumbersome gear setup (the ripping software only works on my old computer that’s pretty much on life support) and the time-consuming nature of digitizing, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. There is, however, a vinyl bootleg of this show out there ( https://www.discogs.com/Weezer-Y100-Sonic-Sessions/release/8761470 ) that has a few extra b-sides and demos tacked on to pad out the running time. I haven’t heard it myself so I can’t tell you how good the quality is, but it probably doesn’t have the commercial breaks or the caller’s “stirring” rendition of The Good Life.

As far as the the 1996 Sonic Session goes, its at least partially included on the Pinkerton Deluxe edition. It even includes “The Y100 Sonic Session Playback” voiceovers between songs, which was extremely surprising the first time I put it on my turntable. A video of Undone from this session is included on their 2004 Video Capture Device DVD as well.

Looking at the other comments here, I get the impression that you’re working on some kind of Y100 history project. I’m with that. From a perspective of regional culture preservation, it’s good to see others out there are trying to round this stuff up. I’d recommend contacting Y100 alum Josh T Landow, who is still active on their online successor YNot Radio ( http://www.ynotradio.net ). He was the presenter on the 2001 Weezer playback and probably could fill in a lot of gaps in information, if not content. I remember chatting him about the Sonic Sessions back in 2012 when he presented The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart at Morgans Pier.

Always happy to talk y100 and local music of that era. Best of luck in your searches.

Regarding the 8/30/02 Jimmy Eat World Sonic Session you asked about, I unfortunately lost that tape a long time ago. It would have been better if I lost the 311 Sonic Session tape instead one cause at least that set is circulating. I digress. It must have been less than three years after the show that I lost it, because I remember I called Y100's request line after losing it to ask for a burned copy (of course they said no). If it still exists somewhere, I suppose it would make a good Record Store Day-tier release . I have some pictures that from that show somewhere though. I know those are still around.

What I can say about the recording though is that as it begins, Jim is joking about how the audience gets to see their "consummate unprofessionalism in it's truest form", referring to something like needing to tune before starting or something else negligible that a quip could come out of. Dan Fein MC'd this Sonic Session, but I don't believe he's anywhere on the playback. On the replay I taped at least, A Praise Chorus fades in as Jim's getting done the unprofessionalism one liner. After the first or second song, he then questions his use of the word consummate (something like, "I was thinking about that, would you use that word that way?").

If you've heard the version of The Middle that was on the Y100 Sonic Sessions volume 6 comp, you have an idea of how the mix is. I will say that the bass was way more prominent on the Sonic Session recording of A Praise Chorus than the live version that was on the Target exclusive The Sound comp (which might have been an import b-side but I'm not otherwise familiar with their live rarities).

If you ever find the whole set, let me know. The only taped Sonic Session I have left is Weezer's 2001 appearance at Blue Horizon Boxing Arena with commercial breaks and a call in segment that is pretty funny. Is that circulating?

I believe the rights to that recording was owned by Radio One Inc., not Universal Music Group, so it very well may not have been destroyed in the 2008 Universal Fire. However, Y100 switching formats in early 2005 and other possible ownership changes that I haven't followed in the years since could present a whole different set of obstacles all together.

The only recording of that Jane's show that I know exists out in the world is of "Just Because" on the Y100 Sonic Session Vol. 7 CD. But I imagine someone taped it off the radio? Otherwise, you'd have to make friends with someone who worked at Y100...

No problem, happy to help out! :)

If you scroll down to the section of this page that's headlined "Y100 Sonic Sessions, Philly", you'll find four downloadable links with audio of the session. For some reason, the song "Cars & Calories" is listed twice, but audio to the entire session is there. A video of the session might exist somewhere on the internet, if that's what you're looking for, but the audio is here. I hope this helps! :)