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In order to delete https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/allez-allez/1982/gemeentepark-brilschans-berchem-belgium-2b94d06a.html#sfmss1bd2c564 you need to click on report a problem duplicate setlist/ fake setlist.
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All venues at Botanique in Brussels should be mentioned under Botanique in stead of their subnames and without article le or la (like Botanique [Rotonde] or Botanique [Orangerie])
This should be avoided and is not the rule here.
Sometimes a festival is held in a particular part of the generic Botanique, while other parts are not part of the festival. If, like you, all concerts are under the generic Botanique, all concerts which take place during the same period, all these will be part of the festival while they weren't.


Aangezien je aanwezig was op het Belgium Pop Festival in Zwijndrecht weet je misschein een exactere locatie dan Festivalweide.
Heb gevonden dat dit gelegen was op de huidige KMO-zone. Ligt deze aan de Katwilgweg, Borgerweert of Westpoort?

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