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zie dat je enkele concerten in Paradiso bijwoonde. Aangezien deze opgesplitst dienen te worden naar Paradiso Grote Zaal, Paradiso Kleine Zaal, Paradiso Kelder, ... zou je deze kunnen aanpassen indien je het je nog herinnert?

Hello Vince,

Yes that's correct. I saw them with the first album European tour in Bochum (Germany) and in De Melkweg Amsterdam Holland. At that time I had a Rockshow on the local and regional radio and I did a interview with Mike in Amsterdam while he was over to promote the first album (American Hotel) That was fun because we've made some funny pics together. He is a very good singer (still like him a lot) and a very nice guy. Actually I don't have anything more than the pics from that day. I don't shoot pica at the gigs (why not? I don't know?) Maybe (but that will be a big maybe) I'll have some promo stuff from the band but for that I'll need to have a very, very good search in my house. If I can find anything I will let you know.



Hi John, I saw through setlist that you saw steelheart live in 1990. Is that true? My name is Vince and I am the collector of the band and close friend of Mike Matijevic so I would love to know if you still have any old memorabilia off those old concert you are willing to share, trade or sale.
Please let me know.
I am VERY interested!
All the best


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