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Hello Vince,

Yes that's correct. I saw them with the first album European tour in Bochum (Germany) and in De Melkweg Amsterdam Holland. At that time I had a Rockshow on the local and regional radio and I did a interview with Mike in Amsterdam while he was over to promote the first album (American Hotel) That was fun because we've made some funny pics together. He is a very good singer (still like him a lot) and a very nice guy. Actually I don't have anything more than the pics from that day. I don't shoot pica at the gigs (why not? I don't know?) Maybe (but that will be a big maybe) I'll have some promo stuff from the band but for that I'll need to have a very, very good search in my house. If I can find anything I will let you know.



Hi John, I saw through setlist that you saw steelheart live in 1990. Is that true? My name is Vince and I am the collector of the band and close friend of Mike Matijevic so I would love to know if you still have any old memorabilia off those old concert you are willing to share, trade or sale.
Please let me know.
I am VERY interested!
All the best


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