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hi. Has Feel My Pain been released? I didn't see it on MusicBrainz, is it missing on there?

I've put a request in the Artist forum to properly credit the shows where the billed and performing Artist was Kurt Vile & The Violators . I'll take on 2017 next, etc. PLEASE STOP changing the ones I've already done. THey'll all be consistent with KV&TV soon enoguh.

Thanks for filling in the blanks on the Iron & Wine
concert! I cant believe I cannot remember the first song ...

What are you doing? I'm just trying to get some consistency on the new setlists. Now you've gone and added a duplicate show that needs to be deleted for the July 15th show.
They either all need to be under Kurt Vile or Kurt Vile and The Violators - not both or either/or. Did you see Kurt Vile and The Violators or just Kurt Vile?

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