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Hey, wanted to ask if you have any Manowar Bootlegs to trade. If yes please contact me via Email:

Hello. I see you were at this concert of Rage in 1999, during the Ghosts tour.

If possible, could you clarify what the "Instrumental Session" is exactly? Is it just a jam sesssion, or did they played some of their songs in instrumental?

I am interested in Rammstein's live concert history and I saw that you've seen them in Kassel in 1997,
If you have any information about their setlist (including how long the concert lasted), interesting stories to share, photos or even audio/video recordings of the concert, I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me!
Have a good day!

Shit, dann ham wir doch darüber gesprochen... Dachte, ich hab mich da nur mit Strawi am Freitag drüber unterhalten... Meine grauen Zellen werden tatsächlich immer schwächer...;)

Wer sind denn Sie? Etwa so'n verrückter Metalhead mit australischem Lederhut? ;)

Jap, hab doch am So schon gesagt, dass ich auch auf dem Lieder wie Orkane 2 war. Was ein fantastische Line-up! :)

Man, Du warst auch 1997 in Jübeck - cool! :-)

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