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Hi, Enter Shikari play a bit of Reso remix (approximately 1min30 out of 4m30 of the remix) as part of the Anaesthetist original song - the same way they have in Europe from 2021-2022. It is an extension to the original song which they perform in full. It can be arguable but I have edited the current setlists based off the previous experience / what I have seen on the site regarding Remix tags - which in the end are a reworked versions of the songs. This way the "acoustic" tags would have to be part of the original song name listed as well - if they have been officially recorded and published - and they should not be, according to the guidelines. This is what I have based the edits from - there is unfortunately not a specific line regarding the remix specifically, to quote from.

It's all right, don't sweat it! :)

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