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Thanks for the reply--I appreciate it!

I kinda dimly seem to remember that Young Fresh Fellows opened, and I've found a blog that mentions seeing YFF open for the Meat Puppets at the HUB ballroom, and that appears to be the only time that the Puppets played the HUB Ballroom. I used to see YFF so much in those days that it's actually kinda hard for me to remember which specific shows they played.

Hey, I noticed that you went to the Meat Puppets show at the Hub Ballroom in 1988. You don't happen to remember if there was an opening band, do you? I saw a lot of shows in the HUB Ballroom in the late 80's, and have trouble keeping track of which bands played with which.

Thanks for the reply. I actually scored a scan of one recently. Lemme know if you want a copy. Rock-n-roll

Hey Mats87, Do you by any chance have a decent ticket stub for Grateful Dead 6/25/85 that you could sell to me or scan for me? Been searching forever for that. Thanks!!!