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thanks for getting back in touch...honestly, it doesn't matter to me which one is used, but there's 4 different titles being used now on the NMAS song list....
1. Deep Elem Blues by Georgia Crackers
2. Deep Elem Blues by North Mississippi Allstars
3. Deep Ellum by North Mississippi Allstars
4. Deep Elem by North Mississippi Allstars

i was just trying to categorize them all together and picked the title that is currently being used by the other 46 bands that cover this song...

hi M, saw your not on "Deep Elem"....i'm posting this to the forum to see what folks think. it's definitely a cover song, not an original by NMAS, so the title of the song would default to the original, not how the NMAS list it on their album.

the original is "The Georgia Black Bottom" originally recorded by The Georgia Crackers (1927) but it is a traditional song

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