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Geia sas! Mipos exete source gia to setlist pou valate ton planet of zeus? Isastan eseis sto fetino ireon rock festival? H exete kapio allo source?

Bebaia ligo avevro, logw Irwdeiou...
Thelw na dw sto Galatsi an paiksei ta idia!

Sorry gia ta greeklish, den dexetai ellinika

You 're fast!!!

Niko i think they played one more last song after Funerapolis..?! A quick one .. i m not sure..

Would it be possible to ask them through Facebook if they still remember or have trace for these Unknown Venues?

Since I'm not on Facebook for various reasons I don't know if you'd had put a link in the source for the Noise Figures concerts we could have verified.
That's a reason why it's better to always put sources for uploaded setlists.
Maybe you may have learned something out of this now.

You created three The Noise Figures in Belgium with Unknown Venues without mentioning a source. For one of them I could find the venue.
Can you put a link where you found these concerts.
And while we're at it, it's better to put sources to your uploads as to avoid discussion in the future.