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Hi NowhereNobody-- Thank you for keeping up on the I Don't Know tour. Things are looking great, but I'm noticing a couple things that might need revision based on guidelines. Take 2016-05-28 Fisco, TX, for example:

"Spicoli's Theme" probably shouldn't have its own entry just because the chorus is sung—by "sung", it should be noted that the melody isn't even present. Usually, this is considered an interpolation, and is generally noted in the @Info box of the song it's played during. In this case, it'd look something like: "I Don't Know and I Don't Care @Info[with "I Don't Know (Spicoli's Theme)" during chorus]". This is common practice with Radiohead's "Everything in its Right Place", in which they interpolate a different song within that song every night (sometime one of their own, other times a cover); and while this example is for a different artist, guidelines are usually the same for all artists/bands on—the Radiohead example is based on a consensus reached on the forum. For a more relevant example, we can take "Where the Boat Leaves From", which Buffett played during 2010, in which "Off to See the Lizard" was interpolated at a handful of shows.

Second thing I noticed was "Gypsies in the Palace" and "Take It Easy" having their own separate entry. This one's more of a gray-zone, but I think this meets's guideline for a medley. Since neither song were played in their entirety, it might be more proper to list it as "Gypsies in the Palance / Take It Easy" instead. Now, if each song were played in their entirety, it'd be right to list them separately, with "Gypsies" having the @Info tag "Segue into…", while "Take It Easy" having the @Info tag "smooth transition from…", since transitions are allowed to have their own entry as long as they're played in their entirety. But in the case of the Frisco show, in which neither song was played entirely and were linked together, it should probably be listed as a single entry of "Gypsies in the Palace / Take It Easy".

Please note that I'm willing to be the one to make these suggested revisions, so you wouldn't have to do anything. But I thought I'd run it by you first, so I could hear your thoughts. Thanks.

Hi NowhereNobody-- Long time, no gripe. Thanks for pointing out these minor errors. Sorry if this seems rushed, I'm working 50+ hour weeks right now, but I'm happy to take a quick moment to amuse you.

<<the big screen that it says: "Jimmy Buffett Workin' n' Playin' Tour '15". It does not say "Jimmy Buffett Workin' 'n Playin'", so I think the tour name changes are not legitimate.>>

Your original edits say "Workin' 'n Playin' Tour", while my changes simply removed "Tour", but your argument is that my edit isn't legit because it should say "Jimmy Buffett Workin' n' Playin' Tour '15". If that's so, why didn't you put it there in the first place?

<<IMO, this is just another case of Consistency throwing Accuracy out the window.>>

That might be your opinion, but the fact of the matter is you aren't taking your own advice. Both the song and @Tape tag had instances of both "Workin' N' Playin'" and "Workin' and Playin'". If you want to avoid collaboration, I suggest you avoid inaccuracies of your own.

In the meantime, I have changed the tour to "Workin' n' Playin'" and the song to "Workin' N' Playin'". Hopefully this will settle you down.

NowhereNobody, it's always fun. Maybe next tour I'll make a good faith change to cause you another tantrum. Until then… fins up!