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Für heute ist's genug Reinhard Mey - irgendwann passe ich noch "Noch’n Lied" an. Apostrophe sind eigenwillig.

Hallo Patrick,
völlig richtig, ich kann auch besser auf deutsch schreiben...
Das Quiro El Sol ist von Revolution Days und somit von BJH feat. Les Holroyd.
Ich kontrolliere sowas meist auf Discogs, das geht schneller als die Alben physisch durchzuarbeiten.
Wie schon geschrieben, schön, dass sich Jemand ans auseinandersortieren macht, mir war das zugegeben bisher zu aufwendig.
Danke also dafür und für weitere Arbeit an John Lees' Barclay James Harvest.
Viele Grüße

Well, thank you - you has made the work for BJH feat. Les Holroyd Setlists that was too extensive for me. I have only changed setlist that I have seen...
Similar problems belong to John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest Setlists.
Many people does not differentiate the different Group Names after the split of BJH and simply copy old setlists.

"That Was Then...This Is Now" is not a "Barclay James Harvest" Song according to the rules of
It was orginally released on the album "Revolution Days" of "Barclay James Harvest featuring Les Holroyd" in 2002.

Hi it was just Barclay James Harvest as per the ticket with Asia and Dare, which I still have . I do remember woody Wolstenholme being their. A friend costangel who has seen John Lees version 9 times reminded me that it would say John Lees BJH on the ticket and I have never seen them. hope this helps.

No worries.

Only monderators are able to merge/redirect setlists so I'm glad we caught it early and there was only one setlist, rather than the many Jeff Beck & Brian Wilson and Sting & Paul Simon setlists which needed cleaning up! :)