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Name Robert The whale

I am a dinosaur of Stone Age rockers the zombies , animals, kinks,Bo Didley,faces fats domino. As an insect myself my favorite website is the spiders nest.All male all the time.


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Hey fellow music concert attendee,s , too bad all the Joe Jackson tickets have been depleted very rapidly ! It will be the show of this decade, do not ask me how I know , trust me , if You can get a ticket without it costing a body part ! Grab it fast !

The Jim Messina and Poco concert i attended this past Friday evening , was a winner by far! Every single musician that was on the stage that night was first class and a talent to be recognized very clearly ! Poco with fifty years of material covered many era,s of their storied musical journey ! Jim Messina is a legend of musical arrangment,s and story telling abilities in His own right !

John Hiatt , unbelievable and fantastic singer , songwriter, and all around musical wizard of the last three decades ! I hope i get the chance to see this Man in concert real soon ! Who's been there ! Shout it Out !

We are almost upon the anniversary of The " King's " Birthday which He now celebrates in The Hereafter ! Glory , Glory , and all that Jazz ! I hope You know i mean Elvis Presley !

What does Ozzy Osbourne have in store for Us next ! As long as Sharon can keep Her nose out of His bees-niss , We might get another Blizzard of OZZ ! Now wouldn't that be SWEET !

It is too bad that most of the really good classic rock bands have lost so many members , and really just are not the same ! But as Bob Seger say's in His song " Rock and Roll Never Forgets " . on occasion the replacements of lost or aging bands , do the songs justice !

I went to see a personal friend of mine and His band at an upscale brew house in Westchester County , New York . Mostly cover music but done very well ! If they ever play in N.Y.C. go and see Them , You will not be disappointed ! Their name is Bookends and They kick butt !

Where does the time go? It was forty - seven years ago today that Mr. Mojo Rising made His last live appearance with the other three Door's ! The Lizard King always did His Thing , at that was to mesmerize and sing!

" Don't Fear the Reaper " I hope Blue Oyster Cult can belt out another tour so I can catch them , as they are superb live ! Remember " I ' m Burning For You " the boy,s of B. O. C.

It is sad to Hear about the passing of the Singer Mr. DiNizio of the Smithereens , My condolences to all Who knew Him and had the pleasure of His company. He will be definitely missed and may He , Rest In Peace .

Got a ticket for Steve Miller , Jimmie Vaughn and Charlie Musselwhite playing a blues jam at Rose Theater in New York City this Saturday , should be a barnburner!

As this year is winding down, it's time to cruise the town.Go see one more live show and try not to part with too much dough!

Lots of great shows at Central Park Summerstage this year check out the schedule online! I plan on going to quite a few! Get out and Enjoy some good music!

This Summer commemorates fifty years since The Monterrey Pop Festival and the Summer Of Love. Far Out and Groovy, Man! Those day,s are forever gone but some of the musical act's that achieved success are not! So Long Live Rock and do it every night!

What a year 2016 is shaping up to be in regards to great concerts! There are so many I want to attend but it will be tough to afford every good one!Some of these artists probably will stop touring eventually, so let,s get out and support them while We still can!

Uli Jon Roth is one of the most incredible guitarists on the face if this planet!He has been professionally creating music for 47 years and took over when Jimi Hendrix left a huge void.As humble as He is,It shows on stage a true professional ,Who only delivers His best all the time!

Just a heads up,Mr. Robert Zimmerman,A.K.A. Bob Dylan is heading back on the road soon if not already! I plan to check This one out , I know his singing is past whatever prime He did have. One thing You can say , Mr Dylan is one of the most prolific song writers of the last two centuries and an amazing painter as well!So maybe I will see some of You members of set at a Dylan show this summer! Enjoy everyday of your lives , as we don,t have many other options in that category!

I recently purchased a CD of The Jimi Hendrix Experience BBC Sessions,the material on this disc is incredible! Please find this gem anywhere You can,You will not be disappointed ! it is worth it,s weight in platinum,gold and silver! Forget five stars this one commands the whole galaxy.Please listen closely and enjoy My hardcore blues loving blokes,brothers,comrades and off course sisters!

Get ready to do some serious rocking and rolling in the middle of out of controlling.So You see,she,s my sweet little rock n roller, Her mama never ever told her,and her daddy never ever scold her,and she never ever gets any older,and she keeps acting just a little bit bolder, because she's my sweet little rock and roller!

Is there a limit to the number of artists that can be listed as one show , for instance benefit show,s with a multitude of musical performers?