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Also you added songs to the setlist without attending, could you honor us with giving a source for this?
Moderators reserve the right to revert any doubtable setlist.

Felicitats pel Necrogenesis, sona de puta mare! :)

Hi Steban14 !
Yes Yes Yes ! You're right! It was "Feel like falling" the first track !... I listen to a lot Riverside at the moment and I was wrong.
Thank you for making the change! ... and sorry!

Hi Steban14! I changed your setlist for the concert at Riverside Hellfest.
Remember, the first song was "The depth of self-delusion." You wrote the song "Deprived", it is not fair. I'm a big fan of Riverside! ... I hope you had a great time at the Hellfest festival. Hellfest was great!

Hi, quick queery,
Re. your edits of the Ian Anderson TAAB concert. I don't understand why you have changed TAAB to part 1 and part 2 when it is/was ONE continuous piece of music - presented in its entirity (for the first time since 1973)
And also removed the annotations of the tape parts when they were such an intrinsic part of the show!?

Your setlist is right. Just recorded the broadcast of the full gig and I realized that the other broadcaster has all the titling wrong. False Alarm. Cheers.

Hi Steban,

From were your MMJ at ARF 2012 comes? I have a partial broadcast from My Morning Jacket at Azkena Rock Festival with 3 songs that aren´t included in your setlist:

What A Wonderful Man
The Way That He Signs
Off The Record

Maybe today I will have it complete from a different broadcaster, I had come here for help with the setlist and right now I´m in a sea of doubts.

Anyway hope to correct the setlist tonight if needed. Cheers.

Are you sure that PoS are still on "Road Salt Two Tour"? As they are supporting Opeth on their "Heritage European Tour" right now, it should be Heritage Tour, too, don't you think?
cheers, Jezek

Well I only heard two songs. The 2nd was Blowin' Free. And before that one Mr. Turner announced "This is called 'The Warrior'"!

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