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Hello. I'm a Motörhead collector. Favorite band is Motörhead!

My YouTube, where you can find serval bootlegs and other music related stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB13mjKDMQQB31Y1hBZFiIw/videos


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Gday mate, Motorhead fan here!...just worked out the date I saw Motorhead at the Jet Club Coolangatta, Aug 18th 1984, by searching the internet I found this site, Ive posted the story of the night in edit comments...the show was listed as unknown venue, Ive fixed that up and now gotta fill in my other Motorhead show dates including the aborted show at The Playroom not sure what year...in the mid 90s I reckon.
you can email me on chrisso57@yahoo.com.au when you read this if you like, put Motorhead in the subject line so I dont delete as spam.

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