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Had to leave DEVO early last night. Do you have a finish time?

I was with you @ Fox for Morrissey, also at the Castro, but I missed the first half, so the set you saw was incomplete

Never thought the remark was at all whiny. In fact I first thought you were referring to the LA show before I noticed you're actually in San Francisco. So all the more reason, then, Anton was already apparently under the weather the entire weekend that he really appeared fairly depleted not twenty feet from where I was right in front of him at the stage. "The show must go on" I guess, even as much as I've always allowed for the best bands must have their share of off nights, that I could only hope most of the audience would be that understanding as I said before.

Having seen BJM 8 times over the past 13 years, I could only conclude last night at the Fonda that Anton's voice was fairly shot most likely because the show was the last of this tour. Disappointing as that may have been for any number of those who'd never seen the group before, I still thought the band and overall song selection and performance impressive as ever.

And for anyone who may have otherwise doubted Anton's strengths and endurance just from that one show, I can only say they would definitely have been blown away by the three-hour (!) set they did on Memorial Day exactly two years ago for the Teragram Ballroom's first anniversary:

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