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Yeah, Life's Been Good was not played at that show. I specifically remembering when I saw the Eagles in the early '90's thinking about time I saw that song live after all the times I saw Walsh with Ringo. Forgot to mention the only entry on the setlist that I question was whether it was Pretty Maids that Walsh played or was it Desperado during the solo session. I could've sworn it was the latter, but I may be getting it confused with '89.

Hi! I saw your comment asking about the '92 Ringo All-Star Band show and my recollection of the setlist. Looking at the Setlist on this site, it seems accurate (it's been a LONG time), but I do specifically remember that Burton Cummings also did Undun, which was during the what some other setlists refer to as the "solo section". Other than that, the list feels right. Hope that helps!

I seem to remember Ringo doing Life's Been Good. Sorry dont have a recording.


Before emptying Ringo Starr setlists because there's no known songs on your website, you may go through the old edits and see e.g. a person who attended listed 10 songs.
So please list these again and be more careful in future.

The YouTube links are both blocked so I can't hear them. I will check the files from google drive today. Also you do know that on YOUR website the Source B links are for a Chicago show right? If that is not right you should fix that.

YES! It was "In The City" that Walsh did.

I see what you mean about the set list for the 1992 tour. It seems like people just copied and pasted the same one over and over again. I know 100% for a fact that Todd Rundgren performed "Black Mariah" at the Charlotte, NC show. I'm pretty sure Burton Cummings performed "These Eyes," and Joe Walsh did either "Rocky Mountain Way" or "Walk Away."

I am sorry I do not have any video or remember the songs from the concert in Grand Prairie. Good luck.

The solo spot at PNC in 2006:

Dying To Live (Edgar Winter)
Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx)

The info is available right here at this website.

I don't have the setlist for Ringo or any recordings, sorry. I think one of the Dallas area shows ended up on one of his live CDs (don't remember where I read that.)

I don’t remember a “soloSpot”. I remember a few songs that were performed. There is a DVD about that concert out which has everything I remember.

I do have good notes from both Blossom shows and neither matches perfectly what is on Setlist. the 1992 solo spot had Rundgren all by himself after yellow submarine, but i did not know the song. Then Joe Walsh played a song with the two guys from James Gang, then Tim Schmidt played a song by poco Keep on trying on his own, Then when played Wiggle the rest of the band came out.

Hi, I have the songs writyten down from the Ringo Blossom 1989 show, but they do not agree with what is on the setlist site. I tried to change it back but they keep referencing a recording that is not of the right show. I am not sure what you mean by solo spot though.

I am sorry, but I do not remember the opener. I wish I new openers for several of the concerts I went to over the years. Good luck finding out!

I was at that concert in ciné Roma, Antwerp. But can't remember the setlist (I was only 15 years). The only thing I can remember is : I sat on the second row. When McCartney sang Long tall Sally his wife Linda called everybody on stage. I even made some photo's; my brother even filmed it (without sound at that time).