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Hey, I see that you were at The Replacements show on 4/6/89 at the Warner Theatre in DC. I was curious if you recall Paul smashing his guitar during their set. I recently bought an old rebuilt Les Paul Jr that he supposedly destroyed at this show. I know there's audio from this show but I've been unable to find it. Please let me know if you have any recollection. Thanks!

hi baztunes - not only do i have a ticket stub with the correct date of may 7, 2012 for Delaware. also, a setlist entry which was created by an attendee on may 8 and 2 other users who were in attendance with me. i am unable to explain your ticket stub info - p.s. live music is a passion. :-) - lmf

Thanks for finishing the set list, O:) as I was working on this from my audio I recorded.
I have two songs on Youtube, Bruce Cockburn Birchmere. mlmarmer

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