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Oh yes, my email is ddhowe@aol.com. Thx, have a great '24, -D

Hi, Can I ask you a question about the Don Henley 2000 concert. He did Goodbye to a River on the 27th, not on the 25th, and it didn't make the video (although it made the Inside Job CD). Do you remember him saying anything -- intro or after -- about why Goodbye to a River was only done on the 27th, like "this is special, we didn't do it two nights ago because..." or ..."this one won't be on the video because...but we wanna do it for you," or anything like that? I've long been curious. Thanks, -Doug

Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s concert in Dallas in March 2014. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of the concert in audio or video?? If so, could you please email me at LTM1997@gmail.com?? I’d love to get a copy if you’d permit it. :)

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