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Do you have a recording of the Collective Soul show from Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX, USA 1995?

and my star tickets r all fading too hard to read, most of the tickets will have an address on them, elm st = small tea room, main st = ballroom, almost always, or sometimes it wil say "in the tea room" = small tea room, most will say ballroom specific, but there r exceptions, if u havent put the tix away yet, recheck? thanks for ur help

love live music my fav thing, older than u, like u i keep all tix and make notes on shows, unfortunately i dont have tix from 60s when parents took me to some shows, only rem bands i liked at the time, i know 4 more shows i saw in 60s or early 70s but hard to place without ticket, have most tickets since i started buying to my own shows in 70s, kept real good track of everything once i got a pc, yes many regrets of shows i should have gone to, some i dont go to cus they r in stadiums (still hate stadiums), for a while i refused to pay more than $100 for a ticket so missed some overpriced shows (dummy), now almost everything except clubs is over 100, so now my choking number is higher, we been to many same shows, i see u did both stones shows rainy and sunny day 1981? had tix to both after wet day and us waiting in line most of night to get run at front floor we got close, was exhausted gave my tix to my girlfriends sister which were reserved side like 2nd row, they said they cherry picker with mick stopped right in front of them, so another foolish, but we both have seen many wonderful shows and more to come, if u think we might be at same show let me know we can meet up if u want

thank you very much
love ur precise and confident info

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