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Hi, clotto...

Thanks for getting back to me about the Springfield 12/30/74 KISS gig.

Your comment about the Pekin show is a bit of serendipity. Since the Pekin gig was an outdoor show, it was a bit of a rarity. I know a few people who attended and even hung out with KISS and Nugent during the afternoon of the show.

At any rate, do you happen to have access to your photos from the show? If so, I'd love to see them.

Thanks again,



I saw that you attended the December 30, 1974 KISS show at the National Guard Armory in Springfield, IL. I'm an author who has written a book on KISS's touring history and if you don't mind, I had a couple of questions about the show.

1. At this show, during Mike Quatro's opening act set, there was a loud explosion backstage. One of KISS's pyro effects exploded and badly injured one of their road crew members. Do you recall hearing this at all? (A couple of KISS's sound crew guys were already out at the mixing board in the audience preparing for KISS's gig and they said you could easily hear it above the sound of the opening act.)

2. This is a more obscure question about their setlist that night Do you recall if KISS performed the title track of their then-new "Hotter Than Hell" album at the show?

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.


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