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Hey, I just found my ticket stub for the KISS show at the Oakland Coliseum Arena, Sunday April 22, 1976. I can confirm my earlier guess that Earthquake was the opener. They definitely were. The ticket says KISS/Earthquake at the top. By the way, the ticket price was $7.00

I'm not sure what citing a Little Feat website has to do with anything. The link I posted was a newspaper clipping of upcoming shows at the venue. KISS were listed with Slade. An actual newspaper clipping beats some useless fan-website with just a list of un-sourced dates any day.

Believe it or not you *can* request a show to be deleted without being rude about it... and if you are going to be rude to people on this website then maybe I should remove your ability to make comments completely. Then you won't be able to spam any more profiles grilling people about the KISS shows they attended.

Hi Jeff, Regarding the 12/23/74 Kiss concert at the Paramount Theater (now Kirby Center) in Wilkes Barre, the only thing I remember is that the show did start very late. This was my first concert and I had to call home several times to get "permission" to stick around for the show. Kiss played at this same venue a few months earlier with Blue Oyster Cult (headliners) and Rush (opened show). Not too bad a show, huh!

I cannot verify the backstage explosion during the Michael Quatro set. It very well could of happened and we thought it was part of the show. I'm sure Hotter than Hell was played that night.
I also have a 35mm pic of Kiss when they played Pekin IL August of 1975


You left the following comment on my page...


Hi there,

I was hoping to ask you a couple of questions about the August 10, 1976 KISS concert you attended in Shreveport.

I'm trying to figure out some details of the band's setlist that night.

1. Do you recall if they performed the song "Hotter Than Hell" at the concert? This song had not been performed on the tour at all, and if they played it in Shreveport, this would be its first known appearance on the tour.
2. Did you or anyone you know take photos or record audio/video of the show?

Yes, KISS did perform "Hotter Than Hell" that night. I think it was around the third or fourth song in the set. I know there is at least one bootleg - rough audience recording - from that show. However, I have not seen it online again in quite some time.

As far as I know there are no video recordings or photos from the show - at least none I took. I did not have a camera that night for one main reason. My uncle was one of the local riggers so I got to be at the soundcheck. For a kid in fifth grade that was a huge KISS fan, seeing them without the makeup was one of my childhood highlights. Needless to say, no cameras were allowed - but I will always have the memory. Also, they played "Flaming Youth" at soundcheck - which is one of my favorite KISS songs - but did not play it for the show. It rarely got played live over the course of the band - only a few instances.

Horicom, I would like any info that you could offer me. I imagine you earn some proceeds from your writings. I/'d be curious as to what i could find for free that's "out there".

That book that is out there on ebay for 150 or more, was anything in that book?
it appears to be at "some" librariers.

One last hope is I could ask the person I went with who was 18 at the time, I was a tad younger, Kiss was one of my first 5 concerts at SA. Black Sabbath in '75 was the first.
From CKLW listener in 8th grade to Heavy metal overnight. My life followed that route :)

The Kiss show in Dayton, Ohio on Aug. 8, 1976 was my first concert. I have very little memory of that show. I do recall seeing a Paul Stanley interview somewhere, possibly from the Kissology DVD, or something like that. He mentions doing a show, might even reference this date, where it was wall to wall people. My buddy and I climbed up a ladder where the spot light operator was and sat on the I-beam that went along the back wall of Hara Arena. After a while other people did the same along the sides of the arena, hence the comment from Paul about being "wall to wall people".

Hi there! You inquired about the Kiss concert at the Ambassador theater in St. Louis in 1974. Sadly I have really no memory of that at all. I worked at the Ambassador theater from the time it started showing concerts until the time it closed. As you can imagine I saw so many shows, and I can barely remember any of them except that good times were definitely had! I wish I could help you. Good luck with your inquiries.

I cannot recall "Flaming Youth" from that show, but that doesn't mean they didn't play it. (I wish I had that kind of memory.) Also, you might want to contact the Charleston Gazette to see if those folks might have any pics in their archives. Good luck!

Hello Jeff (Horicom@aol.com); Show was actually a reschedule of a late December 1975 show that was cancelled due to a snow storm in Fort Wayne. It seems like yesterday....but it was 45 years ago! My friends and I ran down to the stage and got front row standing locations. Remember Artful Dodger was a warm up band and had a hit song "Think, Think". Kiss show was almost entirely a replication of the Alive album and I believe they played the Alive tunes in order. I do not recall them playing anything off Destroyer. All I had left from that event was a little ear ringing, a ticket stub and a small piece of a black nylon robe that Paul Stanley tossed in the crowd. Unfortunately no pictures or video as no cell phones yet (I should have invented them)! My friend jimarbogast.com has some good photos from the era though if you are interested. Cheers!

Hi there, I was hoping to ask you a couple of questions about the April 11, 1976 KISS concert you attended in Fort Wayne.

1. Do you recall if either Detroit Rock City and God of Thunder were performed or not? (Neither song had ever been performed live at this point.)
2. Did you or anyone you know take photos or record the show on audio / video?

Thanks for your help.


I only wish I could remember those details these days. Just have a faint memory of the "show" itself, not the particular songs played. And unfortunately, no photos or videos were captured. Sorry I'm of no help.

Scott Bowmar

Bob Segar definitely was the middle act. Sorry, I don't have a clear recollection of the opener, but it was probably Earthquake. Earthquake opened a lot of Bill Graham shows in the mid to late 70s. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos. Very memorable concert, nonetheless. Well merchandised (KISS Army) show, too!

In regard to the 1974 Kiss performance at Foothills Arena in Calgary, I do not recall the set list with the exception of two songs I am positive they played "Deuce" and "Firehouse". It was a 4 hour concert with Manfred Mann and Savoy Brown also playing that evening. The promoter was Lucifer Productions. A Calgary photographer by the name of Ian Marks may have more information on the set list but I understand that the setlist and show are covered in the book- KISS Alive Forever-The Book & Magic KISS Kronicles 1973-1983.) I do have a photo of the original promo poster.

Oh yes. Ace had his smoking guitar solo on Cold Gin. If you look in the Destroyer tour book you will see those classic photos of him during his solo. I have Barry Levine's book. He photographed the opening dates of the tour and think that includes Columbia even though I have never verified it.

In regard to kiss august 6,1976 they did not play hotter than hell.

Dont recall hotter than hell being played. no video. Bob Seger rocked also

>I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about the KISS concert you attended on July 11, 1976 in South Yarmouth, MA. I'm particularly interested in anything you recall about the set list.
I really don't remember a lot about the setlist. The things about the show I remember clearly about the show are 1)They opened with Detroit Rock City 2)Firehouse was one of the encores and I remember how hot my face got when Gene breathed fire during the song (was about 10 rows back) and 3)Bob Seger was the opening act. Never heard of him before that night, but he was so good that next day I ran up to record store and bought 'Live Bullet'.

>1. Do you recall them performing a fairly rare song called "Flaming Youth" towards the end of the show that night?
I don't recall if they played that song.

>2. Did you or anyone you know take any photos or audio/video of the show?
I do not have videos or photos.

>I was hoping to ask you a couple of quick questions about the KISS concert you >attended on August 27, 1976 in Greensboro, NC.

>1. Do you recall who opened the show. The review seems to indicate that a Texas band >called Point Blank opened, but the show's advertisements included Bob Seger and Artful >Dodger). Any recollection?

Point Blank for sure, definitely not Bob Seger and Artful Dodger. Saw Kiss the following year in Greensboro and Piper (with Billy Squier) opened.

>2. Did you or anyone you know take photos or record audio/video of the gig?
Sorry, I do not.

Sorry, don’t remember if they performed Flaming Youth, and don’t have any photos or recordings of the show.

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