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After one year after my remark about creating unnecessary tours, I had to delete another 30+ created by you. (especially Various Artists)
In my own words, a tour is a follow up of concerts under the same theme by one or more groups, not a happening for one day in one venue under a theme.

Please re edit just listing the songs (eventually adding cover) and using with for the artist singing the song.
Now there's a lot of songs created in the statistics which don't fall in any category

A name of a show is not a tour, that's why I deleted all of them.
And please start adding sources, part of my question which you didn't answer.


Could you explain why you added a lot of tours for which only consist of one concert.
This is not considered a tour.
You just don't seem to take into account to add sources either to your uploads. So either you start doing this or measures will be taken.

It seems you continue like you did before without even taking into account one of my remarks and suggestions.
So please start mentioning sources to your uploads. It's a small effort for you.

Noticed you added a lot of setlists without mentioning a source. I just wanted to let know that especially if you are going to be filling in setlists for shows that are years old, then you should provide a source for each of your changes or uploads. This doesn't prevent you from also mentioning sources for more recent setlists.
This is a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge. You should take into account that not everybody might be a fan of groups you know a lot about, and as a matter of respect to others you might consider helping them in finding out why you added setlists.
Moderators reserve the right to revert and block any of your changes if you fail to provide a valid source. Thanks!