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Slowly but i'm changing Korn setlists.

Wanna me to add "GCW" to every setlist?

Yeah, it is usually mentioned as a comment as well.

I don't see a problem.
They play all two/three parts of "Another Brick..." so why not to reflect it in the setlists?


Hi! Please check the roadie forum.

Sorry for some wrong edits, but most of them 100% correct, I took all my info from old fan-sites and reviews I found on hostings like angelfire, geocities, oocities.

About that one, where Korn played "Orion":
4/8/00 Nassau Coliseum; Nassau, NY
NOTES: "Orion" by Metallica was covered by Korn and Jonathan brought back the old purple jump suit for the final two songs. The crowd was loud as ever and intense during "4U" and "Blind" seeing Jon in the old garbs again.


It's a picture from kornmemorabilia.com. This site does not work now, but in the description of the picture was says "Korn 1993 Handbill Back"

Hey ho,

Ich war auf den Konzerten! Inzwischen sind es 6 DK Konzerte!

Lieben Gruß

Sorry for w /, but it seems to me that so it will look better

The source for Sevendust is the same - http://deeseventrading.pw/records.php?r=site/index&aid=5

Please, don't reverted my edits, my sources always checked

Ok, no problem. If we make a mistake we can always correct it.

ah that all makes sense then, and it's no problem man :)

Hi...i took the information about the prodigy's setlists from the polish fan site http://www.theprodigy.pl/, they have every known prodigy's setlist from 1991 to 2010

Thanks a bunch, my friend... Well this is like the 3rd time that I see some Latino "SuperFan" posting a fake SOAD Concert! Once, someone posted a concert of them in 2013 playing Steal This Album! and Hypnotize in entirety! I'll make sure I'll work it out with that method that you posted on my wall. Thanks :)


They're all from bootlegs

Du hast Recht, den Aspekt mit der Veröffentlichung der SG-Songs habe ich komplett vergessen. Im Nachhinein liest sich mein Post etwas überheblich, deswegen kannst Du ihn von mir aus gerne von unter der Setlist entfernen. ;)


Hey, for the Flyleaf show in Denver, the setlists on stage had it listed as 'Blanket' which is why I didn't list it as freedom on the list I uploaded.

Re: Sevendust, I was using a list of known recorded shows from db.etree.org

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