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re: the cure concert @ the forum 1986: yes! i was at that concert as well and remember the attempted suicide, too. it was horrible! i remember seeing blood pouring down his chest and the crowd quickly retreating in every direction. the security guards surrounded him with chairs like lion tamers and i think i remember him collapsing and then being taken out. i was somewhat surprised the concert still took place, and more surprised the band never mentioned it.

Hi, sorry for bothering you. I noticed you saw Queen twice at the LA Forum, did you happen to tape or take pictures of any of the two gigs you attended? Thanks in advance.

I saw you went the Feb 9th show at Pink Floyd's Wall Tour. A group of friends and I are on the hunt for concert pictures, ticket stubs, audio/video recordings, or really any memorabilia of sorts. If you can provide these in any way, it would be much appreciated!

Hello, I am a diehard eagles fan and have seen that you have the Eagles at the LA Forum on Oct.22, 1976. Would you be able to send me the concert? my email is

Also if you want, we can trade for it. I can give you a concert of your choice for the Forum audio. Either way, send me an email when you can. Thanks a lot and have a great day