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I'm with most here in saying sorry that I did not record or capture any photos at the Queen 1982 show with Billy Squire. Just in case you didn't know, that show was the only show in the tour where Billy Squire came out on stage and sang Jailhouse Rock with Freddy and Queen. That would be a great show to see again some day, since I'm sure there's got to be an audio or video recording somewhere. I hope you find some of the recordings you're seeking. Seeing or hearing shows from the past really help bring back the memories of the shows. I've run across several here and there throughout the years. Good luck!

I have one picture of the 1976 San Diego show. It's pretty good as I had 3rd row near the center for that one. I'm happy to share it.

I don't have any recordings but I do have a few photos from the show.

I have shows from 73 through Freddie’s last ever time singing live 4/14/88. I have tons of audio recordings of queen and everyone else Let me know what you are looking for.

Sorry, I don’t have any photos or recordings - The good ok’ days before cell phones LOL - Sure wish I did & I hope you find some audio/video!

Like other users, nothing for Queen 1977 Long Beach. Back then, getting caught w/any recording devices got you booted. BTW, camcorders weren't invented yet so the only thing you might find would be 8mm or an audio only bootleg.

Sorry I don't have any recordings or photos of that concert.

No recorded gigs. I think there is a Detroit 78 first show bootleg floating around and there is a bootleg CD that says it's LA Sept 15 1982 but it's not. It's Japan. If you want to see pics from gigs, go to There are some awesome bootlegs of Queen and other bands at Premium stuff. Check it out.

Technically "Queen Live at the Bowl, Milton Keynes" is a professional recorded version (audio and video) of the 1982 "Hot Space" European tour. Unfortunately, the setlist is slightly different than what Queen did in the U.S. The video still provides the ability to see the cool "light pods" that Brian May did "battle" with during his guitar solo. I have heard some bootleg audience recordings from some of the U.S. shows on that tour, but have not found one with soundboard recorded quality. One thing to note, I was scoping out the soundboard well before the show and talking to the FOH (front of house) sound tech. I noticed they had a 16-track 2" tape deck beside the mixing console - and I asked the tech about it. He told me that Queen had been recording parts of every show so far on that tour for a possible live album. I passed the board again during the middle of set to make a bathroom run and the tape was definitely running. Hope springs eternal that the recordings from the 1982 US. tour will see the light of day at some point.

sorry no pics from Madison, in the 70's, early 80's. I was just a stoned little punk without a camera

You asked me if I had recorded any of the Queen shows I attended back in their heyday - I did not. When I saw them in '77 I was in 5th grade and had no clue what bootlegging was. At the '82 show security was extremely tight. There had been an incident at a Queen show earlier in the week where a fan threw fireworks on the stage. As a result security at McNichols was patting everyone down. I wish there were recordings - especially video of the "Hot Space" tour in the U.S. - Queen was amazing at the show!!!

No. Just showed up for the shows back then.

Nope - sorry no pictures or video of Queen from the 1974 show. Things were a lot different in those days! No cameras allowed.

Hi. Regarding if I have any footage or recording of Queen, sorry I did not. Cameras and recording devices were so much larger then and they didn’t let them in. I am however including a link to a YouTube video that some did get away with that was the first night I ever saw Queen at Winterland in San Francisco.

Hi, sorry, I’m not aware of any footage. Would love to know if you find any. Maybe it will show up on YouTube someday. Sorry for the delayed response.

sorry, i would love to find a recording... hopefully someday i can see this footage you speak of.

Sorry, no mobile phones then.

Sorry, no. Video wasn't done much by anyone but professionals back then. Walking in with a big home type video camera would have gotten you thrown out.