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Hey I see you attended system of a down's 11.15.2003, do you have any footage of that show? Only footage from one song has surfaced and I'd love to see the rest

Hi, sorry for bothering you. I noticed you saw Queen in Irvine on their US 1982 Tour, and we currently haven’t got a recording from that show. Did you or anyone you know happen to record or take pictures of that gig? Thanks in advance!

I am a major collector of Steely Dan and was wondering if you happen to have a recording of the LA 2009 show that you attended? I have a trade list of 200+ uncirculated SD concert recordings available

Hi! I was wondering if you may have filmed or know of anybody that filmed the 1984 or 89 Michael Jackson shows. If not, that is ok, but there is no full concert footage on YouTube.

Thanks for helping edit the playlist from AMNTW last night. I was enjoying it so much I forgot the order and some of the songs...

Thank you so much for responding!

Does anybody remember what time Cyndi Lauper came onstage - Wondering if I need to be there at 7:30 or a little later - Thank you so much!

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