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I've got a ziplock bag of concert ticket stubs dating back to 1974 (I was 16). Not sure if I ever added them all. I miss getting hard copy tickets for every concert. Keeping the mobile ticket on your phone just isn’t the same. Thankful for this website!


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Thanks for your answer, the footage is already on Youtube if you want to check it out!

hi, sorry to bother you! i saw you went to Whitney Houston's concert at Cincinnati for the 1987 Moment of Truth world tour - do you have any recordings (audio, video or even pics) from this concert? thank you!

Hi! I noticed that you saw Queen in Dayton in 1977. 13 minutes of 8mm footage have recently been discovered, so it would be great to know whether you or anybody you know happened to tape the show. Thanks in advance.

Found it...Foghat...it was Aug 22, 1981. I was off by a year. It was in a database at Dayton Daily News.

Also...I see that Billy Idol is not listed at Hara Arena. He was on his Rebel Yell tour and Dez Dickerson (Prince's guitarist) opened for him. I'm thinking 1984. Not sure if this would've been a type of concert you would've attended. This is not listed in DDN database.

I also maybe stumbled across some help. I discovered a familiar name as an attendee at one show and it turns out to be someone from my high school. They may be able to fill in some gaps.

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Hey Rachel,
Do you remember seeing Foghat at Hara Arena in 1980? It's not listed...I remember having a shirt that said Tight Shoes kick ass...so I'm guessing that it's for the Tight Shoes tour.
Thanks for any help that you can provide,
PS...Was there any other Journey concerts at Hara Arena then the one's listed. I could've sworn I saw them in the summer of 1982.~jc

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