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Hi, there are audio files of the Berlin Concert 2003 (Mariah Carey) but it is a very poor quality

I haven't any photos or audio. Perhaps You Tube has audio/video from the tour or some site has pictures. Good luck w/ your search.

Hi. No, I don't have any photos, videos or any other media taken from the Mariah Carey event in 2000 in Antwerpen

Sorry - no photos or recordings from back then

Sorry no photos etc. This was before phones had cameras and I don’t remember talking a normal camera with me.

I do have photos but my seats were nosebleed seats so Whitney is a tiny figure. I'll see if I can dig them up!

Hi. No, I don't have any photos, videos or any other media taken from the Whitney Houston event in 1999, except for a tour programme that was purchased while there.

All I remember is that she arrived about two hours late, sounded dreadful and asked us all to imagine we were in church for half the setlist. It was, for me, a largely forgettable concert.

Infelizmente não tenho nenhum registro.

Olá. Sem incômodo, mas infelizmente só memórias do show de São Paulo. Era duro aquela época, como vc deve imaginar. Hoje a gente olha pra trás e pensa quanta coisa poderia ter feito, mas lembrando de como era ter e usar uma câmera, por exemplo, pensa que realmente jé era heroi de pagar o ingresso e ir.

Hi, sorry, I don’t have anything from the Whitney concert in Cincinnati. We had lawn seats so we were quite far from the stage. I mainly remember the rain, mud, and getting soaking wet.

Sorry, no audio or video from the 1987 Indianapolis show.

I have no video or pics. I’m sorry.

Regarding the Whitney Houston concert at Glasgow SECC 1986, I don't have any recordings or pics from this concert, Sorry...

I am afraid I don't have any recordings or photographs - this was my first ever concert. The only thing I have is my ticket stub.

Sorry I do not have anything from Whitney Houston show in Ottawa, ON

No recordings of Whitney Houston concert in St. Louis. Sorry.

I'm sorry I haven't any. I can tell you that many of the songs she performed were different from her studio versions. Some fans were disappointed about that however it's refreshing to hear Artists different takes on songs. This was Whitney in her prime musical career & before she met Bob who brought out her dark side. Good luck w/ your search. Cheers!