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That edit you linked to was done in 2020. He hasn't used this website since then so feel free to change any and all of his edits even if you don't have a 'proper' source.

Please read the guidelines for tours and festival to distinguish the difference between both

If you click on the link in my previous comment, you will notice that in the meantime somebody already corrected it.
I only asked you because you had put a concert on the same day (for which I wrote in my comment section to you that it your upload).
To avoid future discussions when there's a similar problem it would be better to list sources to all your uploads.
This is a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge. You should take into account that not everybody might be a fan of groups you know a lot about, and as a matter of respect to others you might consider helping them in finding out why you added setlists.
Moderators reserve the right to revert and block any of your changes if you fail to provide a valid source. Thanks!

Any idea why is on the same date of your setlist
At the same date there's ?
To avoid future discussions about this and possible other setlists it's better you always provide a source.

Please use exact venue or location for Hojrock Festival which you created

Hey Fellow B.C. setlister, ur a legend hahah

DUUUDE!! You Have seen some amazing shows man, just about everybody. Looks like we've been to quite a few of the same, you got quite a few years on me though it seems. Anyways nice collection!

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