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Hey, I saw that you had seen a Serj Tankian concert at Monsters of Rock 2008 and System of a Down at Ozzfest 2002? That is Amazing! how was it? Do you happen to have any footage or photos of their performances or know anyone who has?
Gmail: lukasisagamer@gmail.com

Thanks. I was at the rail upfront, but I definitely noticed the drunk douche's in the pit behind me. Unfortunately, you can't escape them - even the most tame bands have drunk idiots in attendance.

Anytime I attend a venue that serves alcohol in bottles rather than plastic cups - I worry I'll see broken glass everywhere and thrown bottles. Thankfully I only saw one guy drop and break a bottle and it was cleaned up quickly.

LOL...Thanks...I've seen a few shows...But missed a lot too...Where is Doc Brown's Delorean?...LOL

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