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Thank you bob, I surely will!
Regards ;)

Hello! I saw you attended a Queen concert, you're so lucky! I was asking, did you happen to take any photo or tape the show? Thanks in advance and have a great day. Let me know ;)

hi, sorry to bother you! i saw you went to Whitney Houston's concert at Glasgow for the 1986 Greatest Love world tour - do you have any recordings (audio, video or even pics) from this concert? thank you!

Warm hallo!

I try to compile Nazareth concert list from 1970 to onwards…

Can you help me with some questions about Nazareth’s set-lists?
Could you please send to my e-mail? ( )

All the Best,

Hello badgerbob8,

I have some photos of this very gig, not great quality but interesting nonetheless. If you would like copies drop me an email?

Hello badgerbob8,

Please take a minute to read a few things about my Uriah Heep research here:

Could you please send an e-mail to the address included on that page? ( )

I would like to ask you about the detailed set list you posted for the Uriah Heep concert in Glasgow back in June 1975.

Thank you & best regards,

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