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Ok, no problem, thank you for your return.

Any chance?


Thank you for your answer.
You are a fan of Genesis and its members. That's great.
I would love to have some scans.
If you can do it, here is my email address.

Thank you,


I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins In Washington.
Did you keep your ticket?

Thank you!

I changed the venue for the david lee roth show for the 1988 Rochester show to the Wicomico youth and civic center. I still have the stub and it has both names on the ticket. Not sure how to delete a setlist, might have to go in and remove each song? I have a spread sheet and am going through and adding/correcting shows I attended. It's helping me to add some of the opening bands to my list and vice versa. Thanks again for your help.

Hey Gbring, thanks for the note on David Lee Roth & Faster Pussycat in Rochester NY, 1988. I was always sure they played together but apparently I entered the wrong date for both when I created their setlists a while back. Since then, setlists for the correct dates have been added (at least one of them, anyway). I will check in a little later when I have more time to research, but do you have any idea how to delete a setlist? It looks like that's going to be necessary. Maybe I have to contact an admin.

More later... cheers

I know Keep On Runnin' was sung by Dean and Who's Cryin' Now was played, not sure of placement for these songs

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