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I saw you went the Feb 7th show at Pink Floyd's Wall Tour. A group of friends and I are on the hunt for concert pictures, ticket stubs, audio/video recordings, or really any memorabilia of sorts. If you can provide these in any way, it would be much appreciated!

I hear you like Radiohead. Could you tell me what it was like seeing The debut The National Anthem, In Limbo, etc.?

1st Best Band - Muse
2nd Best Band - Radiohead

And So The Setlist Bands order...

We used to be "Ass of Bass" when We formed at january 17 1960 then in july 24 1960 "Gothic"

We didn't played a gig, cause they do not know it's real

GOTHIC Is an british grunge band which formed at 1960 at oxfordshire

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gothicofficial saw 30 different artists.