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Hello! According to your page, you were at Coldplay's first ever show at the Laurel Tree, London, in 1998. I am an extreme Coldplay fan, and would love to get my hands on footage of this concert. Do you perhaps have footage from this night, or know somebody who would? Thank you so much!

I saw you went the Feb 7th show at Pink Floyd's Wall Tour. A group of friends and I are on the hunt for concert pictures, ticket stubs, audio/video recordings, or really any memorabilia of sorts. If you can provide these in any way, it would be much appreciated!

I hear you like Radiohead. Could you tell me what it was like seeing The debut The National Anthem, In Limbo, etc.?

1st Best Band - Muse
2nd Best Band - Radiohead

And So The Setlist Bands order...

We used to be "Ass of Bass" when We formed at january 17 1960 then in july 24 1960 "Gothic"

We didn't played a gig, cause they do not know it's real

GOTHIC Is an british grunge band which formed at 1960 at oxfordshire

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