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Hi, bugger, I went to correct another set in the middle of those 7M3 shows and must’ve picked back up on the wrong link. Too many to go back and check so delete them if you have to. Here’s the correct link http://www.rockpark.com/7mary3/tour/tour_dt.txt

That is a really good question actually. I hadn't heard it so I never knew that the Deputy Blues that has been showing up on setlists lately and Sheriff McGiven were the same song (and I know that I had also seen SMcG on some printed setlists under that title at least a few years ago). Like you said it seems he may have decided Deputy Blues is going to be it's official title now, and if that's the case i'd probably say that should be what it is here. I think I may ask other moderators for there take on this, and might see if I can't get Josh to weigh in on what the official title should be. I'm leaning Deputy Blues, but i will get back to you!

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