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Thank you marinal63. My service was really bad that day couldn't get the list right.

Hola marinal63
Recordá que para las listas que no tiene una fuente válida y/o comprobable (Link a youtube, foto de la misma, reseña del concierto o que vos estuviste ahí) la información será borrada.
Poner "Un link a Spotify" es lo mismo que nada.
Podes leer sobre esto acá:

Por ejemplo, en este concierto: Vos pusiste como fuente ""
Cuando en realidad con solo poner: alcanza.

Muchas gracias,

3 days ago
Hello! Just saw your comment about me not citing sources correctly or not using ideal ones. That's why I'm would like to ask you for some citing guide if needed or if Spotify event links may not be valid sources. Also I would like to continue using this cite once I get more information from you. Thank you in advance!

6 hours ago
Hello! Could you please reverse the editing block you put on me? Just went to a concert the other day and will attend a festival in June and I would like to add those setlists.

We will watch closely. So keep your promise.

Since you continue using bad sources your editing privileges will be revoked.
Come back on my profile page when you have changed your attitude.

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