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Oh wow, I never got notified of this comment, I'm sorry I didn't reply.

It was my second or third show at The Independent - from memory the sound was not great, but not terrible either - it was loud at least :) But yeah the mix was not super good.

I did love the sets put on by Local H and Filter that night though - had a blast! Really good mix of songs.

Hey - re: Filter in SF:

Ok, since you were writing it down, we'll go with your order. I just thought that they normally end shows with Welcome To The Fold, so I thought they must have done the same.

Yes, I remember they played Dose too, I guess it was after and not before.

I swapped it back.

BTW, what did you think of the sound that night? It was only my 2nd time at that venue, but I thought the guitars were too loud for both Local H and Helmet. Helmet ended up sounding like an instrumental to me, couldn't hear the singer at all.

Filter's mix was better, but considering that I think Patrick is one of the best rock vocalists, it was still too buried. I could only hear him a little bit. The mix wasn't good for any of the bands that night from where I was (1st row). Great setlist by Filter though.

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