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Thanks for the info! I believe that's the first brand new song she's played on this tour. I'm jealous that you also got to see "Oldest" and "Hear It", she rarely plays those. Would love to hear the recording if you're up for sharing later!

Hey, I saw that you mentioned an unknown song that Adrianne played last night which mentions horsepower. Do you happen to remember any other lyrics from the song? She has so many unreleased songs, I’m trying to figure out if it’s one she has played before. Thanks!

Well, disregard the second half of my comment... I see now that you already added Andrew Bird's set, but I believe all four are listed with today's date instead of yesterday's - which makes mine a duplicate.

Thanks for posting last night's set... that would have been a lot of work for me!! Please edit Andrew's as you see fit. I didn't realize you were still in the middle of posting the individual sets.

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