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I was the one who tried reorganizing the John Doe setlists with duplicate entries and I answered your forum question at of why I chose the one I did.

Oh, cool! I'll try to find out what I can about the show! Thanks for taking the time to remind me about this! I really appreciate it! :)

Hmm... All right, thanks anyways, man! I really appreciate your reply! :)

Hey man, can you help me with these setlists? I see that you were at these concerts here and maybe you could help me fill them out. I'm trying to fill in as many blank setlists as I can for certain artists. Do you remember the setlists or at least some of the songs the bands played at these shows?

The Kitten Set List wasn't too bad for a newbie? :) Thanks for the fixes.

Thanks for reporting the problem with The Fonda Theatre. It should be fixed now.

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