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My full album shows:
The Drums - Jonny, Hollywood Forever 2023*
Peaches – Teaches of Peaches, JLH 2022*
Bloc Party – Silent Alarm, LA 2019*
YACHT – Chain Tripping, LA + PHX 2019*
Massive Attack – Mezzanine, LA 2019 (2x)*
Moby – Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt, LA 2018*
The Church – Starfish, Music Tastes Good 2018*
St Vincent – Masseduction, LA 2018*
Revolting Cocks – Big Sexy Land, Cold Waves 2017*
Thrill Kill Kult – I See Good Spirits + Confessions, LA 2017*
of Montreal – Hissing Fauna, Music Tastes Good 2017*
Aesthetic Perfection ‎– A Violent Emotion, Das Bunker 2016*
Peaches – Rub, LA 2016
ANOHNI – Hopelessness, FYF 2016*
Nice As Fuck – S/T, LA 2016*
Jenny Lewis w/Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat, LA 2016*
Danny Elfman – Nightmare Befiore Christmas, LA 2015 (First Ever)*
Jesus & Mary Chain – Psychocandy, FYF 2015*
Sylvan Esso – S/T, Coachella 2015
Kitty Daisy & Lewis – The 3rd, LA 2015
Years & Years – Communion, LA 2015
Nina Persson ‎– Animal Heart, Culture Collide 2014
Zola Jesus – Taiga, LA 2014
X – Wild Gift, LA 2014*
Drowners – S/T, LA 2014
Moby – Innocents, LA 2013*
Active Child – Rapor, LA 2013
Savages – Silence Yourself, LA 2013
Breeders – Last Splash, FYF 2013*
How To Destroy Angels – S/T, Coachella 2013
Violent Femmes – S/T, Coachella 2013 (First Ever)*
alt–J ‎– An Awesome Wave, LA 2012 (2x)
Dead Can Dance ‎– Anastasis, LA 2012
the xx – xx, Fonda + Treasure Island 2012 (2x)
Psychedelic Furs ‎– Talk Talk Talk, LA 2011*
Flaming Lips – Soft Bulletin + Dark Side, LA 2011*
Naked And Famous ‎– Passive Me • Aggressive You, LA 2011
Jónsi ‎– Go, LA 2010*
Roger Waters – Wall, LA + PHX 2010 (2x)*
Scissor Sisters – Night Work, LA + Oakland 2010 (2x)
Fever Ray – S/T, Coachella 2010
Friendly Fires – S/T, SD 2009
Nine Inch Nails – Downward Spiral, LA 2009*
ohGr ‎– Devils In My Details, SD 2008

* Billed as album show and/or played beginning to end


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I do recall seeing a video of one of their 1990 concerts performed between the "Total Devo Tour" and the "Smooth Noodle Maps Tour". I've also added some old tour dates from a Devo concert database at

As for World Pride, I saw that issue too. I have sent it to the support page and the moderators should be able to handle it. Keep up the great work!


I changed a Terence Trent D'Arby set that was listed on the wrong date in AZ to a set by Cracker instead. If you want to change your presence at these two shows:

Thanks for your understanding...

Hey, I noticed you changed this from the Roxy to the Grind:

Do you have more information or recollection about it? These reports from 2 different people both say it was supposed to be both nights at the Roxy:

Do you know if it was a last minute change for the 2nd night?

My bad. Change them back, if you haven't already.

Hey! I’m jusually front and center at most GA shows. I didn’t get the setlist and I was around some very attractive girls, but I wasn’t with any of them.
But I’m sure we’ve spoken before. You get into a lot of the shows like Kimmel.
Going ti Syd’s Wild Honey show next month?


I was the one who tried reorganizing the John Doe setlists with duplicate entries and I answered your forum question at of why I chose the one I did.

Oh, cool! I'll try to find out what I can about the show! Thanks for taking the time to remind me about this! I really appreciate it! :)

Hmm... All right, thanks anyways, man! I really appreciate your reply! :)

Hey man, can you help me with these setlists? I see that you were at these concerts here and maybe you could help me fill them out. I'm trying to fill in as many blank setlists as I can for certain artists. Do you remember the setlists or at least some of the songs the bands played at these shows?

The Kitten Set List wasn't too bad for a newbie? :) Thanks for the fixes.

Thanks for reporting the problem with The Fonda Theatre. It should be fixed now.

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