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You're most welcome. Btw, you almost certainly DID walk past Lenny at Cruel World. I was told by a reliable source that he was there.

That's a great Benefit. A few years ago, I went back and documented it all the way to 1991!

Have great holidays!

So bummed I can’t make the Baby Bushka show @ Zebulon tonight. Any chance you are going? They have some new / old Bush tunes in the second act that promise to be epic!

Didn't get to the Wild Honey show with Iain, but a friend who is a big Steve Postell fan sent me a few videos they shot that night.

I admire your taste in bands too. We have a lot of the same bands in common for live gigs. Being down here in swamp country, we don't anywhere near the amount of shows you get out there on the west coast.

THANK YOU for the help on that Jeff Alan Ross show. I wish I could have seen that AND the Dramarama show that night. I envy you for that great double concert night!!

I saw you went to the Jeff Alan Ross show on the 5th with Joey Molland and Laurence Juber, etc. Was this the 2:30 PM show or the 7:00 PM evening show? I thought maybe the afternoon matinee, as you went to Dramarama that night. I ask, because I had posted the setlist with the performers, covers, etc., from the 7:30 PM show under "Various Artists", and didn't want to have two separate entries for the same show. I was going to change it to Jeff Alan Ross as the artist later. Thanks for any help on this.

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