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The Dave Foster Band-Setlist:
"Why the most songs called as "cover" when the artist wrote them? It must be named SONG..."
Well, it was easy to fix this, there was a wrong MBID assignment.
In my opinion it was not nessesary to change the MBID from "David Foster" to "The Dave Foster Band".

Hallo petefloyd,
Vorhin hattest Du die Lindenberg-Setlist vom 31.05. editiert.
Konntest oder könntest Du sie auch auf Vollständigkeit prüfen? Ich meine, dass mir im Mittelteil etwas fehlt. Da hatte ich in meiner Urliste wohl versehentlich gelöscht ohne es zu bemerken.
Dank und lieben Gruß

it will be right that there is no official "part 2" of the song "Is There Anybody Out There?"
At this concert the song was not played in full.
Only the second part of the song with the guitar solo was played.
I tried to mark this with the addition "part 2" as an additional info.
There might be another better way to describe this.

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