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Hi John -

One last message about the song that Buddy played the other night: looks like "I Can't Hold Out" and "Talk to Me Baby" are two different titles for the same song!

I also found a video of the performance, and that is what he played, along with a snippet of "You Better Watch Yourself".

Thanks again,


Hi John -

Thanks for your reply to my question. I just found this video of "I've Got to Use My Imagination", and iBuddy adds verses of both "She's Nineteen Years Old" and "I've Been Watching You" (by The Southside Movement). Do you think they played both that and "You Better Watch Yourself"?


Hello sabatoogie -

I have a question regarding an edit you made to the setlist for Thursday night's Jim Irsay Band concert that I figured I'd ask directly rather than posting publicly on the event page. For the third song, you changed "Talk to Me Baby" to "I Can't Hold Out / Watch Yourself". I was at the show, and per the printed setlist, "Talk to Me Baby" was listed in that slot, and I thought that's what was played there, though I'm not positive of that. Are you sure that the edit you made for that slot is correct?

Thank you very much!


Good job! Great rain