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Thank you for the update. Funny how those things work out - I loved the video!

Hi Chad,
I'm pretty sure that my edit is correct. I know for sure they broke into "You Better Watch Yourself". Hope this helps.

If you're talking about the 5/10/03 Everclear show at the Wiltern, I uploaded all those old setlists from Hungry and Hollow/White Lightning (the old school Everclear fan sites/concert archives). It's certainly possible the printed setlist is what they actually played, but if I had to guess, the setlist I uploaded should be accurate, since it doesn't say "approximate" like some of them do when they may be missing songs, etc. I would probably stick with the setlist I uploaded from White Lightning, since bands will sometimes skip songs on printed setlists or call audibles, etc.

Correct - The Network were the opening act.

Hey, since you were at the Green Day 2005 Wiltern show can you confirm whether The Network was the opening band for that show?

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