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5/13/03 Tomahawk Chicago is still on DAT. Once I get it converted, I'll update the setlist. I don't have any estimate on timing right now.

Ah bummer, was it an acoustic performance or full rock?

Hey dude, that Foo Fighters stream show you added from December 23rd, don't suppose you recorded that did you? I didn't even see anything about it until you added it, too late by then obviously :(

Hey, sorry to disappoint, but new found glory really ain't on my list of things I'd remember about a show 15 years ago :/ My band did play a set as Green Day at the Majestic in Madison a few years back though :D Come check us out sometime

Hey bro, was at the RATM rock the bells show too. Any way to get a copy of that recording? Email me if possible: Thanks!


How about putting in a complaint to a Moderator like "ExecutiveChimp" about this idiot "tranbrian997" who is clearly adding in obscure songs to concerts it did not attend.

On one concert, it has made 17 changes, and there was even a pic of the printed set list!

I think it's a bit of a power trip, as the changes are now almost 600 in a few months.

What a loser.

Please help to remove this fool.


Thanks, we'll take care of the issue.

It's fine, let's call it a misunderstanding and move on. Agreed we're here for the same reason so no need to argue.

Kk brosif, I was just guessing because they did it over the pa and the bunny came out on most of the shows

Trying to figure how to add you on here, but it looks like I'm dumb. ;)

Cheers for that with Coldplay, I'm still figuring out how this thing works :)

Yeah, I stayed for Megadeth. Just forgot to click that I attended when I was doing the rest.

we've been to a lot of the same concerts... Really pissed though cus I bought Muse tix and got screwed over and couldn't go. Crash Kings were fantastic.

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