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Hi again, you wrote that ExecutiveChimp has already reacted to this error - please get in touch with him directly.

Sorry, please post it to the forum, I'm no expert on Canned Heat.

executivechimp did it :) thks for reporting it tho.

Thanks for reporting. All his edits have been reverted... Strange that EbenezerStooge1 has the same IP address...

About tranbrian, I was going to put that I was there at Punk Rock Bowling, when I saw "Happy Guy" which was I clearly remember was not played. I saw he was adding this song to other setlists randomly, so I removed the songs.

you're right, sorry. already fixxed :)

Yeah my stepfather told me that they are currently playing a lot of RSL's. Are you a fan of the new album? I personally think it is pretty good. Gibby's vocals are still up to scratch, especially on "I Gotsta Get Paid". I am actually going to the Guns N' Roses concert to see them more than Guns N' Roses (and Rose Tattoo).


Good day sir. I have noticed that you saw ZZ Top in 1987. Will you be attending the Guns N' Roses concert on March 20? They are the supporting act (along with Rose Tattoo).

Kind regards,

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